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The School Readiness Initiative Project Strategic Plan Review, Policy Development and ECD Awareness Raising meetings

 MDP has been implementing the School Readiness Initiative (SRI) in ten Rural District Councils in Zimbabwe (Buhera, Gokwe North, Muzarabani, Mwenezi, Nyaminyami, Rushinga, Zvimba, Gwanda, Mbire and Tongogara) since May 2019.  The Initiative’s main objective is to enhanced access to quality ECD education so that vulnerable children are ready for primary education. The project seeks to achieve this objective through enhancing the ownership by relevant stakeholders (the Rural District Councils, District Education Officers, local leadership, school development committees, communities and parents) of the children’s needs in ECD, the phase of transition into Grade 1 and mobilize them to ensure a better learning environment for young learners. The role of MDP in implementing the project is to support actions around enhancing the capacity of the 10 Rural District Councils to create a conducive early learning environment at the local level and to capacitate structures which directly or indirectly interact with issues relating to early childhood education at the district level.   Read More>>


ECD A and B: A Focus by Rural District Councils through Capacity Development Workshops

Ten (10) of
the Rural District Councils participating in the Roger Federer Foundation funded School Readiness Initiative (SRI) project in Zimbabwe, underwent some capacity development clustered trainings which took place from 15 September to 1 October 2020.

 Facilitator stressing a point at the Buhera Zvimba Cluster

The capacity development trainings were demand driven following a gap analysis which noted that although Rural District Councils in Zimbabwe are custodians of over 80% of primary schools, ECD A and B was not  being prioritized due to other competing priorities which are affecting the delivery of the Education  andate by Local Authorities. The trainings therefore aimed to enhance knowledge and tools on how RDCs could improve on Planning and Resources Mobilization for ECD A and B; Stakeholder Engagement and Community Mobilization and raising awareness and input into the Policy Environment for ECD A and B in Zimbabwe.

A total of 76 district officials were trained, these included office of the DDC, Councillors’, Chiefs, Council Management and Central Government Officials at District Level.  The trainings were delivered in four clusters, Muzarabani (consisted of Mbire, Rushinga and Muzarabani), Gokwe North (Consisted of Tongogara and Nyaminyami); Gwanda (Consisted of Mwenezi) and Buhera and Zvimba who met in Chinhoyi.


Participants at the Gokwe Nembudziya Cluster

The SRI project consists of a Consortium of 4 partners (CAMFED, CPS, ZINECDA and MDP). The Consortium through their strengths in the project, also made robust presentations which enlightened district councils on the importance of catching children at a tender age and planning for ECD A and B. As the District District Development Coordinator for said “There is a lot that can be accomplished provided people are equipped with the right skills and on their part carrying out duties with the right attitudes towards the national programme, I feel very empowered and enlightened on the subject of ECD learning promotion”